Executive Coaching


Sharon’s Approach

In her decades of work with high performers, Sharon has discovered an important, basic fact:

People in organizations have far more control over their own productivity and happiness than they realize. They can always do something positive, no matter what situation they find themselves in, regardless of the circumstances they face.

Sharon helps open people’s eyes to consider options they hadn’t ever thought of before. These options include new ways of thinking and behaving.

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Closing the Satisfaction Gap

Everything Sharon does in both her speaking and coaching is, in one way or another, designed to close the Satisfaction Gap that people often experience inside organizations.

The Satisfaction Gap occurs when the thrill is gone in the workday, and people no longer have that zeal for the job that used to make Monday their favorite day of the week.

Sharon brings a new vitality to the workplace by helping clients realize that, if they do enough little things even a bit better on an ongoing basis, the impact on them and the organization will be far more powerful than could ever have been imagined.

That’s why one of the very first things she does with a new client is to have them try one new action right away.

One New Action

Trying a new action sparks their creativity, and helps them realize that the obstacles they face are not immovable. They also recognize that they can make a difference in their organizations.

If they're being coached by Sharon, they'll try the new tactic, then report back. But what if the tactic failed? They try a variation, or something new altogether.

If they've attended her keynote, they leave armed with several actions they can try -- starting the very next day. In every case, Sharon's clients make positive changes and display forward momentum.

The Result

The result of Sharon’s work is that people are more likely to remain with their jobs and, perhaps more importantly, they’re happier with them and more engaged and productive than they’ve been in years. This has a positive trickle down effect in the rest of the organization.

The kind of lasting change that Sharon promotes and fosters is based on her positive and life affirming way of thinking. She believes we can all do better. We can all improve.

What it requires, though, is that we consistently and intelligently step out of our comfort zones. Stepping out of our comfort zones is a challenge. An adventure. That’s precisely why it works.