Executive Coaching

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Fortune 500 companies hire
Sharon Jordan-Evans to work with those they can least afford to lose: their high performers.

Sharon works with high performers in two ways: by coaching them privately and by speaking to them through keynote presentations.

High-Performance Executive Coaching

High-performing executives -- whether Director or Executive Vice President or CEO -- help make an organization.

They land big clients, bring new products to market, turn around failing divisions, and gladly make the tough strategy decisions that have to be made for a company to flourish.

Yet, these hi-fliers also run into predictable problems.

Some get into ruts, or have blind spots. Others overuse their strengths. Still others are doing great in the current job, but aren't quite ready for the larger scope jobs that await them.

Then there are those who want to solve some big, meaningful challenge, but they’re fuzzy on how to go about it.

Whatever the situation, getting these performers re-energized and producing at their max is crucial. It’s crucial for their personal satisfaction, and for the organization’s bottom-line success.

For 25 years Sharon has worked with high performers in firms like Bank of America, Boeing, Disney, and MTV.

During that time, she has learned how to help clients re-see tough situations and use their new vision to take action. She has also helped them find the right cognitive and productivity tools, so their performance leapfrogged even their previous high standards.

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High-Performance Speaking

High performance isn’t confined to executives. The best organizations have high performers and solid citizens everywhere: as salespeople, customer service reps, line managers, you name it.

If you want your organization to be effective, you’ve got to keep these performers happy and engaged in their jobs. After all, they differentiate you from the rest of the market, and take you where you hope to go.

What’s more, your competitors would love to hire them – and that creates a different set of problems.

When high performers resign to go elsewhere, their departure can create chaos in a department, or even an entire company.

Experts agree that replacing an employee will cost one to two times his or her annual salary. And that’s to replace just any worker. Imagine what replacing a high performer would cost in terms of dollars, effort, and anxiety.

Of course, not all high performers hurt a company by leaving. Some disillusioned performers “quit and stay.” That is, they stay with the company while quitting on the effort they give their jobs. What might that cost an organization?

During her keynote speeches, Sharon teaches managers and employees methods of improving workplace morale, engagement, and productivity.

Managers learn to engage their people by employing research-supported strategies in day-to-day interactions with their talent.

Employees learn to fix what's wrong and find what's missing right where they are – without jumping ship or disengaging.

Sharon’s keynotes, which she has delivered to dozens of the world’s most recognized companies – such as AMEX, Southwest Airlines, and Monster -- are based on her two coauthored, bestselling engagement-and-retention books: Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em: Getting Good People to Stay and Love It, Don’t Leave It: 26 Ways to Get What You Want at Work.

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